Pole Sports – IPSF

Pole Sports – IPSF

The International Pole Sports Federation would like to announce the World Pole Sports Championships 2013 London. 20/21st July.
80 athletes from over 30 countries we compete in five categories to become the World Pole Sports Champion 2013. This is the first world competition to have both a masters and youth category and an in depth training program for judges. The WPSC is in line with the IOC charter and WADA guidelines and has set the foundation to pole sports event across the world. The following categories and age groups will be included:

Senior men – 18-39
Senior Women – 18-39
Mixed Doubles
Mixed Masters 40+
Mixed Novice – 10-14
Mixed Junior – 15-17

Applications for qualified athletes are open. Applications for judges are now open. Tickets are now on sale.

The IPSF has made the first step to becoming an officially recognised sporting federation. Come and join us and be part of pole history!

For more information visit www.polesports.org