Liquid Motion® is honored to be a part of Pole Expo 2012.
We can’t wait to get Liquid with all you ladies in Las Vegas.
A special thanks to Mighty Grip and Fawnia Dietrich.
Workshop Friday September 7th 9:30am
Liquid Motion®:is a non-trick based pole workshop.
It is the fundamentals of each individual’s body movement.
It is sensual movement to help gain an understanding of
how your body moves and the exploration of movement with music
without learning specific choreography or tricks.
Liquid gets the students out of the idea of that
“follow the leader instruction” and teaches them to let their
body be their guide to find sensual movement from within.

1.Learn a general break down of body alignment to help
you reach your most sexy potential.
2.Learn to look at music from a more movement based
mentality not a dance one.
3Most of all remember how to embrace your raw
sensuality in a society that is so terrified of it and
ashamed of it.
4.Learn to love yourself and the woman around you.

By use of the floor, and the wall, students will learn
that fluid movement is everywhere if you are willing to embrace
it and push the limits of your familiar movement.
Students will experience that many of these movements they
already know but will embrace them in a whole new way.
Liquid Motion® reminds you to love your sexy and make it yours.
On a side note (students will need their knees covered if there is carpeting in the
room, ie knee pads, leggings, or knee socks)
Pole Expo, September 6th – 9th 2012 / The Palms Casino Resort
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