On 26-th of May in St Petersburg (Russia) will take place International Pole Sports Championship ‘Pole Sport International 2012’.

Venue: St Petersburg Officers Concert Hall.

Pole Sport International 2012 in Russia becomes the most significant event for the last 5-year history of pole sport and dance development in Russia and Eastern Europe. The best athletes from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kyrgyz Republic, Estonia, and Lithuania were selected during a year to take part in Final Pole Sport International 2012 in St Petersburg.

Pole Sport International 2012 is a recognized event by IPSF. The winner and the first runner up will be sponsored to take part in World Pole Sport Championship 2012 by IPSF in London.

Pole Sport International 2012 is organized with significant support of Russian sports public organizations ‘Public Athletes Union RusProfSport’ and ‘the Union of National Not Olympic sports’.

Judging panel:
KT Coates (UK) – Vice President of IPSF
Valeria Parsi (Italy) – Italian Pure Pole Champion 2010, World Pole Sport and Fitness Championship Semi-Finalist 2010, World Pole Sport and Fitness Championship 2011 judge
Olga Zhao-tun-kun (the Kirghiz Republic) – the President of Republican Pole Acrobatics Federation of the Kirghiz Republic, who helped pole sport to become registered as an official sport in Kyrgyz Republic in 2010г
Vladimir Karachunov/Volch – popular male pole dancer and trickster
Alyona Shpakovsky (Ukraine) – the President of Interregional Public Pole Dance Organization of Ukraine
Ekaterina Romanov/Blacky (Russia, SPB) – the head of studio of pole sport & dance studio ‘Blacky’
Ekaterina Gostevskikh (Russia, SPb) – the organizer of Miss Pole Dance Russia Final 2011.

Purpose Pole Sport International 2012: healthy lifestyle promotion through sports occupation on the pole, attraction of young audience to “Acrobatic pole sport” through demonstration of the most difficult competitive programs of professional athletes to the mass audience.

Problems of Pole Sport International 2012:
– Integration of professional athletes and pole sport fans in Eastern Europe, exchange of experience
– Positioning of Russia as the country with an active and open position towards young and developing sports
– Possibility of the Russian professional athletes to compete with the international sports community in their own country
– Identification of two best athletes for participation in the World Pole Sport Championship 2012 in London

Schedule of the competition:

11:30 (Moscow time) – Seminar with KT Coates “IPSF Judging”
14:00 – Pole Sport International 2012 Amateur competition
18:00 – Pole Sport International 2012 Professional competition

Workshops of KT Coates (UK),
Olga Zhao-tun-kun (the Kirghiz Republic), Vladimir Karachunov/Volch, Alyona Shpakovsky (Ukraine),
Ekaterina Romanov/Blacky (Russia, SPB), Natalia Tatarintseva (Ukraine).

During the event there will be showcases of Russian Children Pole Sport Team (9 years old) and Aerial Artists.

Olga Chapman (organizer of Pole Sport International 2011 and 2012 in Russia): “This event is special for me because there is the first time we are having a pole sport competition based on International rules (IPSF). We also have a great support from Russian Public Sports Organizations. It is a truly big step towards the pole sport to be recognized as official sport in Russia”.

Web site: www.pole-sport.ru

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