Midwest Pole Dancing

Midwest Pole Dancing

The Great Midwest Pole Dance Competition and Convention:
Friday August 24th – Sunday August 26th

Who will be the Midwest Pole Performers Of The Year?

National Elite (pro) and Masters divisions (over 40)
Regional Elite (pro) and Essential Pole divisions (basic level)

The Midwest Pole Performers Of The Year will have it all! Musicality, the ability to engage the audience, jaw dropping tricks, creative spins, exciting floor work, and even creative costuming.

Winners will be chosen with an equal balance of scoring and valuation among a long list of criteria. Someone who is strong and does advanced tricks may not necessarily beat out someone who is articulate and graceful with beautiful spins.

The Midwest Pole Performer Of The Year will take your breath away, inspire you, make you cry or make you laugh, or maybe leave you speechless with awe or breathless and shaking with excitement. It will be the performance you will want to see again and again and share with everyone you know. This will be the pole dancer who makes you stand up and scream – this performer will leave you wanting more!